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    X.Wheels 2.1-Professional Fingerboard Wheels - Bowl Shape - Black

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    Xflippro's Bowl Shape Wheels are made by new Polyurethane that ensure our wheels are capable handing all terrains

    We have been collecting feedback from our customers, and we made some improvement.

    New type of design using triangular stability to ensure the bearing will stick extreme tight to the wheels and will not fall out.

    Our X.Wheels 2.1 has a bowl shape design, it offers better control of speed and provide longer

    slipping time. His design has a wider contact surface compared to our X Wheels Series, it is a great all-around wheels

    Advanced Fingerboard wheel design high quality  professional Fingerboard Wheels

    • Professional Fingerboard wheel design.
    • Wider wheel base and bigger diameter.
    • More stable,better performance.
    • Designed to fit perfectly on most trucks.

    Package Contains:

    • 4 Wheels