We're an art toys & products company, and the XFLIPPRO  is one of our fingerboard brands. 

    As an advanced product brand, XFLIPPRO is a modern fingerboard brand with various design styles. In order to better integrate art and fingerboard, XFLIPPRO has collaborated with multiple designers, committed to not only satisfying the performance of skateboards, but also creating an art collection.   

    In order to provide more choices for fingerboard fans, XFLIPPRO upholds the concept of cost-effective and regularly launches (per week) 6-9 fingerboards with different artistic graphics.
    We have 3 series Fingerboard Decks: Standard Series (plain color), illustration series, Designer Series (limited edition).We will launch 2 collections per week (3 graphics +3 mystery graphics per collection)

    On our website, we customize the manual fingerboard according to the customer's unique design and needs. At the same time, we also have limit designer fingerboard sets on the website for sale, with a high collection value. 

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    X Decks

    Nowadays in XFLIPPRO you will be able to find mass-produced wooden decks of superior quality, offering a stronger pop with varying widths that would fit the riders liking. XFLIPPRO wooden decks nowadays are produced in a length of about 10 cm and a varying width between 32-34 mm typically(after repeated design and verification, XFLIPPRO finally launched the current standard size. We also offer four boards with different sizes, 32-shallow concave&deep concave, 34-shallow&deep concave, which will provide the most perfect performance experience for fingerboard fans. 

    XFLIPPOR collaborates with designers to integrate art and fingerboard, which called micro-art will lead the trend of fingerboard. For satisfying the fans, we will update the design style regularly every week. If you want to own a fingerboard with your personal artistic style, please kindly upload your favorite and edited pictures on our website. We will create your exclusive fingerboard for you. XFLIPPRO adopts brand new inkjet technology. Different from traditional thermal transfer technology, inkjet technology can highly restore the artist's creative and paint the real painting on the fingerboard. And the pattern quality is very high and very wear resistant.

    X Trucks

    XFLIPPRO trucks Designed for single bearing wheels. Features include: 32mm width, 34mm width,single axle, lock nuts, screw kingpin, and a precision baseplate for easy mounting.

    XFLIPPRO offers 20 different single axis bracket which includes 10 single colors and 10 mixed colors. 
    When making personalized customization, we will offer free matching services, and you can freely combine the colors you want to match the personalized panels. 
    For satisfying the collection needs, XFLIPPRO will also launch brackets made of precious metals, such as gold and silver.

    X Wheels

    XFLIPPRO has 3 type of bearing wheels including OG wheels, Street Wheels and Lazy Wheels.

    The street and lazy wheels has better performance with optimized relation grip/slide.

    In the personalized customization service, we also provide wheel customization service, you can choose the wheel you like.

    X Graphic Designs 

    As a very personalized fashion product, many people will carefully choose their own fingerboard picture. Small and unique patterns, will highlight the owner's personal interests and style. The fingerboard will also be carried with you as a special ornament.

    XFLIPPRO is an independent design brand with its own design team and handmade team. It has two major lines of products.

    Complete design series: each series contains three known patterns and a hidden version. 

    Personal customization series: on the XFLIPPRO website, you can easily customize your personal fingerboard by yourself. 

    Let's have a cooperation

    We customize the manual fingerboard according to the customer's personal design and needs. At the same time, we also have limit designer fingerboard sets on the website for sale, with a high collection value.
    If you're an influencer or artist and  interested in our products, we hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you in business. 

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    Cooperation With Us

    1. Product evaluation and review: We invite you to our website to upload your favorite images. We customize the unique fingerboards according to your design and ship them to you. If you like our products after receiving them, you are welcomed to post a review about our products on your social media or channels.

    2. Long-term cooperation: We will regularly provide you with the latest designs and new products for trial and hope you can launch a trial experience for our products on your social media or channel. At the same time, we will generate an affiliate link for you to provide to your fans, and by linking to our website and generating purchase orders, we will give you a commission.

    3. Crossover collaboration: if you're interested in artistic creation and want to get your co-branded products, you can provide us with your illustrations or communicate with our designers, and we'll design in the style you want. After that, we'll launch a product page on our website for you, including the concept and introduction of the product design and generating an affiliate link for fans who love your art to browse and buy. We will give you a 10% and 20% commission for the purchase order generated through your affiliate link. The specific amount will fluctuate according to the order quantity. The more the order quantity, the higher the Commission proportion.

    4. Paid cooperation: Please provide us with a detailed introduction and quotation if you have paid cooperation plans.

    If you're interested in this, please contact Us at:support@xflip-pro.com