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    34mm Professional Fingerboard Trucks - Purple

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    Our professional Fingerboard trucks with longer thread stainless steel axle & wider trucks which will take your Fingerboarding to next level!!

    High quality trucks with professional bushings, washers and lock nuts for anyone looking for affordable trucks, available in multiple fun colors!

    Compatible with all decks, bearing wheels on the market.

    You could buy multiple sets to switch up the parts and put different color bases and hangers together!

    If you'd like a looser feel, you could remove the bottom washers, or remove both washers for an even looser feel.

    Each set has four pro bushings. Replace the washers with bushings and have a more professional experience.

    • 34mm Wide
    • Professional Shape, Appearance & Components
    • Includes Standard Tuning
    • Lightweight
    • Fits all wheels
    • With pro fingerboard bushings

    Package Contains:

    • 2 Professional Fingerboard Trucks
    • 4 Truck Nuts
    • 8 Screws
    • 4 bushings
    • 1 Tool