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    Professional Fingerboard Deck - HORROR

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    The XFlippro Professional Fingerboard decks will last long time with excellent digital graphics have a higher resolution.

    New printing technology is applied to design the decks. Compared with the original heat transfer printing technology, the new printing technology makes the color of the pattern more beautiful and delicate, which could also restore 100% percent of the original color. Similarly, this type of printing technology could add protective paint to the pattern to make the color of the pattern more brilliant and can protect the pattern and deck better. The new technology would make the pattern last for a longer time on the deck and cannot be worn down easily.

    Our decks perfect for any rider and beginners. Our professional decks will make all of your tricks pop and flick with ease.

    Our mission is to create the highest quality professional fingerboard possible. Each deck is handmade.

    We have tight quality control and source the highest quality maple to ensures the highest quality possible to craft our high performing decks.

    XFlippro enables you to showcase your own creativity through fingerboarding. Stand out from with unique and professional fingerboard deck.

    XFLIPPRO Professional Fingerboard decks

    (Our Complete Fingerboard Set)


    • 5-Layer Premium Maple Wood Deck
    • Handmade by XFLIPPRO Team.
    • Real Wear Graphic
    • Smooth Finish
    • Size: Available in 32mm x 99mm,34mm x  99mm
    • Concave: Medium Kicks &Concave
    • Assembly is required

    Package Contains:

    • 1 Wood Deck
    • 1 Fingerboard Tape