Reasons to Love Fingerboarding?

    Lots of peoples don't understand why flipping a piece of wood is such a cool thing. Below are some of the reasons why you should love about Fingerboarding:

    customize your own fingerboard
    1. You can always customize your own board, DIY the most interesting elements attacks to you. There are only things that you cannot imaging, yet nothing you cannot achieve! Xflippro offers different colors of trucks, wheels and decks that you can choose from, so you can customize your ultimate board.
    customized fingerboard and ramp
    1. Share your passion anywhere. Fingerboards are lightweight and easy to carry around, it can be hanging on the neck, revealing your personality and make some new friends.
    professional Fingerboard tips & tricks
    1. Fingerboarding can be rewarding once you successfully landing a new tricks, it is not as easy as you see. A new trick may takes month to learn, It is more like an extension of skateboarding, but it allows you to break the physical boundaries such as bad weather, lack of professional venues, or age and body strength limit. What can be more satisfying than showing your skills in front of others?
    1. Assembly your own fingerboard or sent it as a present to your best friend who like skateboarding, make it the most memorable items between you and your friend.