Why XFlippro is Value for Money

    Components of a Fingerboard 

    Fingerboard Deck

    Let's "break down the settings" for each part of the overestimation, starting with the fingerboard deck. The fingerboard deck is part of the whole board, and you put your fingers on it, and it's the "main" part, the thing that makes it possible for your technique to "pop out."

    Here is an example of what a wooden deck and plastic looks like: most mass-produced fingerboard decks were made of plastic back before, however nowadays you will be able to find mass-produced wooden decks of superior quality, offering a stronger pop with varying widths that would fulfill the riders expectation.

    Most wooden fingerboard decks nowadays are produced in a length of about 10 cm and a varying width between 28-34 mm typically. It was back in the 2000 era and forward where the mass-production of wooden decks started to pick up. The typical wooden decks were now made of quality veneer plywood, for example, XFlippro fingerboard has a handmade deck made of 5-layer premium maple wood, which is as strong and elastic as a real skateboard.

    When it comes to what "fits your fingers perfectly," the width of the fingerboard deck plays a huge role. We all have fingers of different sizes, and boards of different sizes will fit different fingers. A common "rule of thumb" is that the slimmer the board, the easier it flips, where as more width can offer more board-control. There is only one way to find the "perfect" size for you, and that is to try different sizes of deck panels. Sometimes different set up in your collection can have different sizes and different "purposes."  If you choose your own customize professional fingerboard on XFlippro, you can select 32mm or 34mm width board for different usage.

    Another aspect of the fingerboard deck is the “concave”. Concave means the “steepness” or “roundness” of the board, from the centre to the edges of the board. This is again a personal preference, some people like “low-concave” or “high-concave” molds – however the biggest “effect” of the concave steepness is the board-control. If you choose your own customize professional fingerboard on XFlippro, you can select standard concave or deep concave according to your specific needs. 

    Fingerboard Trucks

    Two trucks are mounted at the bottom of the plank, holding the wheels and fingerboard deck together. They are used to hold the entire fingerboard together for rolling and as a point of "grinding" when performing the trick of sliding the truck directly against the edge of a curb or rail.

    Fingerboard Wheels

    Wheels mounted on the axle of the truck allow the fingerboard to roll. Made from different plastic materials, some fingerboard wheels are made more "grip and soft," while others are made more "smooth and hard." In short, fingerboard wheel can be divided into "bearing wheel" and "non-bearing wheel."

    Non-bearing wheels are just made of hard plastic and don't roll very smoothly. 

    The bearing wheel is to have an actual bearing in its center, making it roll so smoothly. This makes a huge difference to the feeling of eventually "riding" the full board. XFlippro fingerboard use professional CNC bearing wheel to ensure superior use experience.

    Fingerboard Tape:

    For better adhesion, a grip tape glued to the fingerboard deck and consists of rubber, neoprene or fine-grained skateboard handles.

    Fingerboard Screw: the fingerboard screw that connects the truck to the deck.

    Fingerboard Nuts: the fingerboard nuts ensure that the wheels remain on the truck. Widely spread is the lock nut, not easy to loosen.

    Fingerboard Bushings: like real skateboard trucks, fingerboard trucks have two bushings. Cheap plastic panels sometimes have only hard plastic bushings.

    Graphic Design of Fingerboard

    As a very personalized fashion product, many people will carefully choose their own fingerboard picture. Small and unique patterns, will highlight the owner's personal interests and style. The fingerboard will also be carried with you as a special ornament.

    Xflippro is an independent design brand with its own design team and handmade team. It has two major lines of products.

    Complete design series: each series contains three known patterns and a hidden version. The Xflippro's designs are personalized, niche, colorful, and cultural, such as the Mexico festival of the dead and the Halloween collection, to keep you in the spotlight during the holidays. Several product patterns in each series have special designs. Some series are like puzzles, which can piece together a complete pattern, while ensuring the perfect composition of each individual pattern. In some combinations, the patterns will echo each other, like an interesting small team. The whole collection is more interesting and will have more room for appreciation.

    Personal customization series: on the Xflippro website, you can easily customize your personal fingerboard by yourself. You can upload your favorite pictures to customize the fingerboard deck, choose different widths, different versions, and choose the color of each wheel and bearing. You can even make the four wheels different in color. After you place an order, Xflippro's manual team will start making it purely by hand according to your design. Xflippro's handmade team will start the production according to your design. This fingerboard is unique in the world and belongs only to you.

    Don't hesitate to click on the website link to start ordering and start your wonderful journey to Xflippro