Is Fingerboarding a Real Sport?

    Skateboarding is a sport we all know. Even in our daily life, we can see many young people playing skateboarding on the street. Even many people can make some difficult actions through skateboarding. It can be said that it is a real entertainment sport for young people. However, although we all know what skateboarding is, do we know what finger skateboarding is?

    Many times, skateboarding is subject to various restrictions. If you're a skateboarder, you'll have to worry about the lack of professional venues, or you'll have been blocked by rain and snow. This is unbearable for skateboarders. Because of this, there was the birth of finger skateboards.

    Finger Skate Boarding (FSB) is a new sport. The configuration of the finger Skateboard is no different from that of the formal skateboard in appearance. The professional finger board even the bearings in the wheels are reduced and copied, and every detail is reduced and copied. In addition to the anti-slip pad on the surface, the real skateboard uses sandpaper, while the professional fingerboard uses the anti-slip pad of rubber material which is more suitable for the skin of the finger. Fingerboard may seem simple, but it's no easier to control than a skateboard on your feet. The fingerboard depends on the flexibility of the two fingers to coordinate and cooperate, using the friction of the board surface and the inertia of the fingerboard itself to drive it to make various beautiful actions.

    The fingerboard does not need to wear protective equipment, has no age and physical strength limit, no field limit and no weather limit, and can start to play personal imagination as long as the fingerboard is picked up, and enjoy the feeling of fingertip flexibility brought by the fingerboard on all available props such as a desktop, a book and the like.

    Fingerboard has become a worldwide sport, with competitions in many countries. Every year, finger skateboarders from all over the world gather to hold competitions.

    Some people think that fingerboard is an extreme hand sport, while others think that fingerboard is always a derivative of big skateboarding. Now that decades have passed, fingerboard has experienced a period of prosperity and has slowly entered the view of more people. But the fingerboard is still niche, and many people label it as a "toy" and "childish." But in the eyes of finger skateboarders, the sport is full of mysterious charm, and every jump and landing can bring great satisfaction. Love is a wonderful feeling, but when it reaches its peak, what you love becomes a part of your life.