How Do Beginners Choose Fingerboard?


    Fingerboard is a very interesting and professional fashion play.

    How should novice choose a suitable fingerboard?

    Among the many fingerboard parameters, there are several that are critical for beginners

    Fingerboard Deck Material

    There are usually two kinds of fingerboard deck material, plastic and wood. Plastic deck negates some of the pop. The typical wooden decks were now made of quality veneer plywood, for example, XFlippro fingerboard has a handmade deck made of 5-layer premium maple wood, which is as strong and elastic as a real skateboard.

    Fingerboard Deck Width:

    We all have fingers of different sizes, and boards of different sizes will fit different fingers. A common "rule of thumb" is that the slimmer the board, the easier it flips, where as more width can offer more board-control. Beginners recommend a 34mm wide deck, starting with skilled board transport, which gives much more room for your fingers for Kickflips and other Tricks

    Fingerboard Deck Concave:

    Concave means the “steepness” or “roundness” of the board, from the center to the edges of the board. This is again a personal preference, some people like “low-concave” or “high-concave” molds – however the biggest “effect” of the concave steepness is the board-control. It is recommended that beginners choose high concave's fingerboard, which is easier to control to do basic movements.

    Fingerboard Wheels:

    A very important point of the fingerboard is the durability and lasting smoothness of the wheels. It is recommended that beginners choose CNC bearing wheels, smoother, and suitable for different materials of the slide.

    Fingerboard Bottom Graphic

    As a fashion play, in addition to functionality, the unique pattern of the fingerboard is also an important embodiment of its value. Small and unique patterns, will highlight the owner's personal interests and style. The fingerboard will also be carried with you as a special ornament.

    As a Novice, Where Can i Buy a Complete Suit For Beginners, while Being Unique?

    On the Xflippro website, you can easily customize your personal fingerboard by yourself. You can upload your favorite pictures to customize the fingerboard deck, choose different widths, different versions, and choose the color of each wheel and bearing. You can even make the four wheels different in color. After you place an order, Xflippro's manual team will start making it purely by hand according to your design. Xflippro's handmade team will start the production according to your design. This fingerboard is unique in the world and belongs only to you.

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